It happens. Life just seems to balloon in and squeeze out any room for creative pursuits.

It’s happening to me, right now. I’m meant to add photos to this weekly blog of all the things I’ve been working on, but all I have to show you are photos of ingredients. No pretty holiday meal all laid out and ready to consume; just the mise en place of things that are supposed to be finished recipes.

Because I’m keeping this real.

Here’s one:

Multi-media piece in pieces.

I started an exploration of a multi-media piece about 3 weeks ago, or so. There’s no set deadline of any kind for this, I’m just giving something a try. Still, I would have liked it finished by now.

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This blog is meant, mostly, to be a sort of running update of my creative projects, to both inspire and encourage those of you who might be following along. I believe everyone has the capacity for creativity, in as many different ways as there are different individuals, but we don’t always prioritize it in our lives.

I believe we should.

But life is unpredictable and, despite our best efforts as a human race to control it, life remains untamed and even a little bit feral. And so this blog is meant to record that, too, because, while being artfully creative cranks up the colors and the volume and the textures of the life experience, being mentally creative can help us turn the prism of our understanding, to find a new angle and a new perspective. Even (or especially) when life takes that unexpected twist.

I believe we should do that, too.

After all, we are all under construction until our last breath on this earth. We are all a creative project-in-progress.


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