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Publication Date: Aug 2011

"... a wonderful batch of creepy stories!"
NY Time Bestselling Author Jonathan Maberry

Zombies are a common metaphor. A metaphor that's closer to our reality than we care to admit. Inside this cover you will find seventeen stories of personal loss set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse and painted in colors of blood red and nightmare black. These stories show us that which we fear. Sometimes in overt ways that demand the kind of unflinching attention only true shock can expect. Sometimes in more subtle ways that whisper rather than shout. In either case, the truth is the truth. We all fear loss. It is the most horrible monster we could possibly face. And because in our real lives we actually must face loss at some point, the metaphor of the zombie becomes that much more horrible. Brace yourself. Turn the page and let the cold and hungry dead whisper their secrets. These are stories about the ones we loved who were taken from us too soon and in ugly ways, and who have come back to lead us into the land of the dead. Into their land of Dead Souls. These Dead Souls all died. Then they came back. And they hunger for us.

Seventeen Short Stories from: Matthew Ashcraft, Joseph Williams, Paul Anderson, M Shaw, Kenneth W Cain, Robert Essig, Andrew Risch, KT Jayne, Suzanne Robb, RJ Reising, Jessica McHugh, Anton Cancre, Ginny Gilroy, Jackie Gamber, Thomas Malafarina, C Bryan Brown, and Jason Downes. With an Introducton by Jonathan Maberry.