Book-tasting is an opportunity for Jackie to share with you her favorite pairing of brewed teas with classic genre literature. Finding the perfect tea to compliment the subtleties of each book. Brew a cup and enjoy!

The English Tea Store’s French Blend tea is a romantic mixture of mystery, depth, and fragrant petals. It hints at royalty, but drinks smooth and easy. It’s a journey from the familiar into the magical, as the first nip of malt touches the tongue, and then fades into perfume.

It’s the ideal complement to “Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold” by Terry Brooks.  In the novel, widower Ben Holiday purchases a magical kingdom through a quirky gift catalogue and discovers not only is the kingdom real, but there is much information missing from the fine print of the contract. Landover is falling to ruin, what with a witch and a dragon running amok, and Barons who won’t submit to authority. It’s chaos in Landover, and Ben Holiday is the new king.

The English Tea Store’s French Blend might appear at first glance to be a little chaotic; it’s a brew of Ceylon, Nilgiri, Assam and Kenya, and that’s just the base.  Add to it the Jasmine, Lavender and tangy Bergamot of Earl Grey, and the tea becomes a veritable cornucopia of elements. But it works together to make a unique flavor blend that just can’t be created any other way.

Just like the kingdom of Landover. Ben Holiday finds himself surrounded by unfamiliar creatures; kobold servants, a talking dog as the court scribe, a magician, a paladin who appears no more than a suit of empty armor, and lovely Willow, who loves like a woman but lives more like a tree. It’s a place of wonder and adventure, and through Ben’s journey from the familiar to the magical, he discovers a unique understanding that just can’t be created any other way.